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I decided to classify my products as “Balsamic Food Condiments” simply to stay out of a confusion and a heap of articles on the market today with words that refer to a “protection” organization with production regulations too broad compared to my traditional ones production methods.
Under this last wording, today there are products of various nature, inconsistency, “age”, variations, prices, consistency that do nothing but create confusion and distort their production tradition.

In short, a chaos that in my opinion does not qualify the product and from which I decided to remain outside by simply proposing two condiments.


1-3 Products



1.The M.V. Balsamic Vinegar, which starts from cooked musts of typical Reggio grapes (“saba”),

acetified and fermented in cask for years and can also be used in COOKING.


1-4 Products



2.The Di Lory Mix obtained by cutting with excellent wine vinegar, the Balsamic M.V.,

to then always refine it in barrels for years, thus favoring a prevalence of sour for different uses

Various Dressings of salads, tongs etc. etc.



As for the third seasoning


1-2 Products

3.The black gold of Gigi suitable to be used for RAW and DROPS is in all respects very similar to the well-known Balsamic vinegar of the Reggiana tradition,

obtained with the trappings of the same, in batteries certified by the quality control body, which would allow me to bottle the real Traditional.

In this consortium where quality and tradition are definitely safeguarded and protected, I still preferred to stay out of it (in commercial terms) for different reasons which I report below;
take a small annual percentage of product from several batteries, then leave it to mix,

bring it to the competent body for tasting, hoping that it will take the score you expect,

then wait for the bottling of the same and it is not a little protection, but it is also a waste of time for a product so exclusive and rare that I do not consider it appropriate since the production procedure to obtain it is very long, complex to such an extent that it can only be justified by a personal passion and as such I have personalized it.
The product contained in this bottle is taken from batteries started over thirty years ago and can be considered the top of the Reggiana balsamic tradition in all respects.